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On this page I provide an overview of the many pages about my electronic 4,5" Newton telescope Unistellar eVscope 112 mm/450 mm (f/4) (I took part in a Kickstarter campaign in mid-November 2017; my eVscope arrived on January 27, 2020). Hopefully, this page will provide visitors (and me) with some orientation!

Photos: My eVscope (End of January 2020)


Overview of My eVscope Pages

This overview is structured a little bit different than the table of contents for the astronomy section, which takes all my telescopes into account. The following structure is eVscope-oriented, but also contains a few pages with matching topics from other sections.

Unistellar eVscope


Help, Tips & Tricks

Object Overview, Photo Overviews

Photo Galleries

Various Information

eVscope Observations





Appendix: Data for the Unistellar eVscope





Sensor Data

*) Diagonal: 6.09 mm (type 1/3, Quad VGA mode) or 5.59 mm (type 1/3.2, HD720p mode)

Backpack Features

Carefully designed with the world-leading manufacturer of large telephoto lens transportation bags, the eVscope backpack is made of tough reinforced fabric, and carefully padded with high-density foam to protect your telescope from any shock.

The ideal accessory to take full advantage of the eVscope’s portability. (Source: Unistellar Help Center)


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