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Website News 2016/2017

Mid to End of February: Various pages about deep sky objects (lists, observations, books) added
February 13, 2017
: Page about Venus crescent 2017 added
February 11, 2017: Page about penumpral eclipse of the moon 2017 added
End of January/Beginning of February 2017: Pages for Novoflex Noflexar added (Leica M section)
January 1-9, 2017: Various M-mount lens pages updated (Leica M section)
December 26, 2016
: Calendar (Bohuslän) for 2017 published
November / December 2016
: Various updates and new pages in the Leica M section
October 2016
: Updates to some astronomy pages
July to August 2016
: Too many new pages and updates in the astronomy section to list them here...
May 24, 2016: Page about the Mercury transit 2016 more or less finalized
May 16, 2016
: Preliminary page about the Mercury transit 2016 published

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I also wrote a number of articles for the SAP-internal User Experience Website but closed that section in 2008.
On the walodesign Website, I republished my articles - of course without SAP specifics.
The articles appear in three categories: DAU Stories, UI Design Thoughts und UI Design Issues.
In addition, I copublished my UI Design Blink blog articles (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) there (slightly adapted).


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