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Website News 2018

End of November 2018: Several pages about "moon walks" updated
October 30, 2018
: Page for summer observations 2018 ready, other pages updated accordingly
October 28, 2018
: Page for autumn observations in France ready, other pages updated accordingly
September 9-13, 2018
: New pages and updates in the astronomy section
August 25, 2018
: New pages with photos of the moon taken over several days
August 11-12, 2018: New pages for the Omegon wide-field binoculars and the Sky-Watcher AZ Pronto mount started
August 4-6, 2018
: New page showing Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus photos published in the astronomy section
August 2, 2018
: New page about the total eclipse of the moon published in the astronomy section
July 17-31, 2018
: Website hacked and unavailable for some time. Sorry for the inconvenience!
May 1, 2018
: New section about Panasonic TZ202 started
April 13, 2018
: New pages on "plate solving" and StarSense experiences, numerous updates in the astronomy section
March 12-13, 2018
: New page with photos of Mercury/Venus from March 2018, moon walks further updated
March 8, 2018: New page with photos of the moon from February 2018, moon walks updated
March 5, 2018: Pages about Ricoh GR, Leica M, Sony RX100 M1 and M4 at the telescope published, eVscope page and more updated
February 27, 2018: Pages about Aldebaran's covering by the moon and using the Leica M with T-Mount at the Skymax-127/102 published
February 16, 2018
: Pages for the Celestron StarSense module published
February 15, 2018: Photos of the Moon with captions published
January 12, 2018: Various pages on video astronomy declared "ready," other pages will remain "in progress" for a longer period of time; page about alignment stars for SynScan published

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I also wrote a number of articles for the SAP-internal User Experience Website but closed that section in 2008.
On the walodesign Website, I republished my articles - of course without SAP specifics.
The articles appear in three categories: DAU Stories, UI Design Thoughts und UI Design Issues.
In addition, I copublished my UI Design Blink blog articles (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) there (slightly adapted).


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