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In the following, I reveal for the list of the 100 most beautiful Herschel objects plus 10 further NGC/IC objects (according to the Herschel Guide from the Oculum publishing house), to what extent I have already photographed them with my electronic telescopes. Visual observations are not taken into account.

Note: The names were mostly taken from the Herschel Guide.

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Note: Except for corrections, the eVscope and eVscope 2 columns are closed.

Object Name Constellation Type eVscope eVscope 2 Vespera Vespera Pro Comments
IC 1805 Heart Nebula Cassiopeia GN   Together with IC 1848 called Heart and Soul Nebula; the Fish Head Nebula IC 1795/NGC 896 is near-by
IC 4665 Summer Behive Ophiuchus OC   Ideal object for binoculars, too large for eVs(2)
IC 5146 Cocoon Nebula Cygnus GN   Small reddish nebula with embedded open star cluster Cr 470
NGC 40 Bow Tie Nebula Cepheus PN     Violet dot with white central star
NGC 246 Skull Nebula Cetus PN
NGC 247 Dusty Spiral Cetus G
NGC 253 Silver Dollar Galaxy Sculptor G
NGC 281 Pac-Man Nebula Cassiopeia GN   Reddish nebula, fits the eVscope's field of view
NGC 288 Sculptor GC
NGC 404 Mirach's Ghost Andromeda G       Galaxy close to Mirach, therefore called Mirach's Ghost
NGC 436 Cassiopeia OC
NGC 457 Owl Cluster, E.T. Cluster Cassiopeia OC   Nice, particularly the eyes
NGC 654 Cassiopeia OC       Together with NGC 659, NGC 663, and M 103 in the same field of view (Vespera)
NGC 663 Lawnmower Cluster Cassiopeia OC   Together with NGC 659, NGC 654, and M 103 in the same field of view (Vespera)
NGC 752 Andromeda OC   Large, loose open star cluster
NGC 772 Fiddlehead Galaxy Aries G
NGC 869 h Persei Perseus OC   Nice, both Perseus clusters visible in the same view (Vespera)
NGC 884 chi Persei Perseus OC   Nice, both Perseus clusters visible in the same view (Vespera)
NGC 891 Silver Sliver Galaxy Andromeda G   Seen from the side (edge-on); nice
NGC 896 Fish Head Nebula Cassiopeia GE   Also named IC 1795; part of the Heart Nebula
NGC 1499 California Nebula Perseus GN     Red nebula that I saw with the Vespera for the first time.
NGC 1501 Camel's Eye Camelopardis


NGC 1502 Golden Harp Cluster Camelopardis OC   Kemble's Cascade ends on one side with the open star cluster NGC 1502 (Golden Harp Cluster).
NGC 1528 Perseus OC
NGC 1535 Cleopatra's Eye Eridanus PN
NGC 1647 Pirate Moon Cluster Taurus OC
NGC 1977 Running Man Nebula Orion GN   Called Running Man Nebula because of the form of a dark nebula inside of it; together with M 42/43 in a mosaic (Vespera).
NGC 1981 Coal Car Cluster Orion OC   Open star cluster above the Running Man Nebula; also together with M 42/43, NGC 1977, and NGC 1980 in a mosaic.
NGC 2023 Orion GN   Close to the Horsehead Nebula B 33
NGC 2024 Flame Nebula Orion GN   Alone and together with B 33 in a mosaic (Vespera)
NGC 2169 37 Cluster Orion OC       Together with NGC 2194 (Vespera)
NGC 2174/75 Monkey Head Nebula Orion GN       Is considered as resembling a monkey's head
NGC 2244 in the Rosette Nebula Unicorn OC   Cluster at the center of the Rosette Nebula (Vespera mosaic)
NGC 2261

Hubble's Variable Nebula

Unicorn GN       Nebula that looks like a comet
NGC 2264 Christmas Tree Cluster/Cone Nebula Unicorn OC   Saw only the star cluster with the eVscope(2). Conus nebula visible with Vespera (plus NGC 2261)
NGC 2281 Broken Heart Cluster Auriga OC
NGC 2301 Great Bird Cluster Unicorn OC
NGC 2359 Thor's Helmet Canis Major GE       According to Stoyan a good example of the usefulness of nebula filters
NGC 2360 Opened Box Cluster Canis Major OC
NGC 2362 Tau CMa Cluster Canis Major OC
NGC 2392 Eskimo Nebula Gemini PN     Round light blue spot with white dot in it
NGC 2403 Camelopardis G     Spiral galaxy that is regarded as one of the best galaxies for small telescopes; unclear why Messier overlooked it; fairly impressive in the eVscope.
NGC 2419 Intergalactic Wanderer Lynx GC     Small, still in the Milky Way...
NGC 2440 Bat Nebula Puppis PN
NGC 2539 Dish Cluster Puppis OC
NGC 2683 UFO Galaxy Lynx G       Spiral galaxy, seen edge-on.
NGC 2841 Tiger's Eye Galaxy Ursa Major G
NGC 2903 Leo G     One of the brighter spiral galaxies; unclear why Messier missed it...
NGC 2976 Ursa Major G
NGC 3079 Phantom Frisbee Ursa Major G
NGC 3115 Splinter Galaxy Sextans G       Elliptical galaxy, one of the "spindle galaxies"...
NGC 3242 Jupiter's Ghost Hydra PN
NGC 3521 Needle Galaxy Leo G
NGC 3628 Hamburger Galaxy Leo G Spiral galaxy seen edge-on; it forms a conspicuous group with M 65 and M 66, the Leo Triplet (in the same FoV with the Vespera).
NGC 4038/39 The Antennae Corvus G
NGC 4085 Ursa Major G       The elliptical galaxy NGC 4085 and the spiral galaxy NGC 4088 in the constellation Ursa Major seem to interact with one another. At least, the deformations of galaxy NGC 4088 seem to indicate this. Both galaxies can be easily observed in the same field of view with the eVscope.
NGC 4088 Ursa Major G       Ditto
NGC 4206 Virgo G       See below!
NGC 4216 Silver Streak Galaxy Virgo G       NGC 4216 is the largest of three galaxies (NGC 4216, NGC 4206, and NGC 4222), which can be observed together in the eVscope.
NGC 4244 Silver Needle Galaxy Canes Venatici G       Spiral galaxy, very thin and long, seen edge-on
NGC 4435/38 Markarian's Eyes Virgo G NGC 4435 is a lenticular galaxy and interacts with the lenticular galaxy NGC 4438, that is about 100,000 light years more distant.
NGC 4449 Rectangle Galaxy Canes Venatici G       Irregular galaxy
NGC 4485/90 Cocoon Galaxy Canes Venatici G       Distorted spiral galaxies, which interact with one another.
NGC 4526 Virgo G
NGC 4535 Lost Galaxy Virgo G
NGC 4565 Coma Berenices G     One of the most prominent and famous edge-on spiral galaxies in the sky
NGC 4567/68 Siamese Twins Virgo G     NGC 4567/8 are two spiral galaxies in the Virgo cluster; they are also called "The Siamese Twins" or "The Butterfly Galaxies".
NGC 4631 Herring's Galaxy Canes Venatici G       Spiral galaxy seen edge-on; above it, there is a compagnion, the elliptical dwarf galaxy NGC 4627.
NGC 4656/57 Fish Hook Galaxy Canes Venatici G
NGC 4725 TIE Fighter Coma Berenices G       Small spiral galaxy with even smaller neighbor galaxy NGC 4712 (spiral galaxy)
NGC 4889 Coma Galaxy Cluster Coma Berenices G       Tiny...
NGC 5740 Virgo G
NGC 5746 Mini Sombrero Virgo G
NGC 5907 Splinter Galaxy Draco G
NGC 6210 Turtle Nebula Hercules PN       Rather bright and turquoise; has a white central star, which is regarded as easy to observe (not in eVscope).
NGC 6520 Castaway Cluster Sagittarius OC
NGC 6543 Cat Eye's Nebula Draco PN       Very small in the eVscope
NGC 6572 Emerald's Nebula Ophiuchus PN    
NGC 6633 Tweedledum Cluster Ophiuchus OC     According to Stoyan on par with M 11 and M 16
NGC 6712 Weird Globular Scutum GC     In the eVscope somewhat larger and nice, small in the Vespera
NGC 6781 Snowglobe Nebula Aquila PN       According to Stoyan, the brightest of four fainter planetary nebulae in this constellation; reminds me of the Ring and the Dumbell nebulae
NGC 6818 Little Gem Nebula Sagittarius PN       According to Stoyan very small and bright, a small blue dot in the eVscope
NGC 6822 Barnard's Galaxy Sagittarius G       According to Stoyan faint and hard to see. This was in fact even with the eVscope the case. But once, I was able to find a faint glow after post-processing...
NGC 6826 Blinking Planetary Cygnus PN       According to Stoyan brighter than the Ring Nebula M 57, but not so easy to observe. In the eVscope it is just a blue dot...
NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula Cygnus GE   Nice, but faint
NGC 6905 Blue Flash Nebula Delphinus PN
NGC 6910 Inchworm Cluster Cygnus OC
NGC 6934 Delphinus Cluster Delphinus GC     According to Stoyan hard to resolve; this is, however, possible with eVscvope and Vespera.
NGC 6939 Ghost Bush Cluster Cepheus OC       Together in FOV with NGC 6946 with Vespera
NGC 6940 Mothra Cluster Vulpecula OC
NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy Cepheus G     Face-on galaxy; can be observed together with NGC 6939 with Vespera
NGC 6960 Cirrus Nebula Cygnus GN   Only partly visible; together NGC 6992 as a mosaic (do not quite fit the frame)
NGC 6992/5 Cirrus Nebula Cygnus GN   Only partly visible; together NGC 6960 as a mosaic (do not quite fit the frame)
NGC 7000 North America Nebula Cygnus GN   Only partly visible; together with IC 5070 as a mosaic
NGC 7008 Fetus Nebula Cygnus PN
NGC 7009 Saturn Nebula Aquarius PN       Very small, reminds of the planet Saturn with its "ears".
NGC 7023 Iris Nebula Cepheus GN   NGC 7023 is the name of an open star cluster containing the Iris Nebula. The Iris Nebula is a reflection nebula illuminated by a central star. Nice...
NGC 7027 Magic Carpet Nebula Cygnus PN
NGC 7209 Star Lizard Cluster Lacerta OC
NGC 7243 Lacerta OC       Originally confirmed with a Karkoschka photo; better seen in August 2020
NGC 7293 Helix Nebula Aquarius PN   Large, faint
NGC 7331 Pegasus G   Close to Stephan's Quintet NGC 7317; together in FOV with Vespera
NGC 7380 in the Wizard Nebula Cepheus OC     A star formation region that contains the young open star cluster NGC 7380
NGC 7479 Superman Galaxy Pegasus G       Can be seen well as a barred spiral
NGC 7510 Cepheus OC
NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula Cassiopeia GE   Is located close to the open star cluster M 52; both can be seen together with Vespera
NGC 7662 Blue Snowball Andromeda PN       According to Stoyan, one of the most beautiful planetary nebulae in the autumn sky, which appears in the small telescope as an even blue disc. In the eVscope it appears as a prominent but small blue spot.
NGC 7789 Caroline's Haystack Andromeda OC     Large; according to Stoyan one of the richest star clusters for small telescopes.



Ronald Stoyan (2022). Herschel Guide. Oculum Verlag (ISBN: ISBN 978-3-949370-06-9)


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