Messier 45 (M 45) - (Pleiades, Seven Sisters)

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On this page I collect my observations of the open star cluster M 45 (Pleiades, Seven Sisters) in the constellation Taurus/Bull.



I know the Pleiades (M 45, Seven Sisters) in constellation Taurus/Bull since my childhood. Finding them was therefore no problem for me, especially since they are already visible with the naked eye. They are also a nice object in the binocular, but much more so in a telescope at low magnifications. In a telescope, there are, of course, even more stars visible and many of them are almost sparkling. I think that with the C8, I also saw some of the nebulae around the stars.

Size: 1.8° x 1.2° (Stoyan)
Distance: 490 light years
Rating: *****



M 45 (Pleiades, Seven Sisters) in constellation Taurus/Bull (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,


My Own Photos

Atik Infinity & Skymax-127 (January 14, 2018)


M 45 (Taurus), center, post-processed


M 45 (Taurus), center, post-processed

Note that these photos show the complete image and that the large versions are in original size. This is due to the fact that the sky objects are extended - even beyond the field of view.

Atik Infinity & Explorer 150PDS (March 14, 2018)


M 45 (Taurus), post-processed and sharpened


Ditto, post-processed and sharpened



M 45 - Jan 28, 2020


M 45 - Feb 5, 2020



M 45 - Mar 18, 2020


M 45 - Mar 18, 2020, processed



Own Observations

Observations February 2017

Observations October/November 2017

Observations January-March 2018

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Observations February 2019 ff

Observations September to December 2019

Observations End of December 2019 - March 2020



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