Laponia 2003 - Summer

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End of June/beginning of July 2003, we visited Rajamaa for a second time - and only for a few days. We were returning from the Lofot islands in Norway and heading for home. This time, we had nearly "tropical" temperatures, and the sun did never go down!

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We arrived in Rajamaa in the evening

No snow to see, but lots of flowers

The log hut was still there ...

... as well as the stable

It was flowering all over !

The sun would not go down ...

... not even at midnight!

The bicycle was still in its place!

More flowers!

Looking into the swamps - no snow here, too!

The planks for crossing the swamps were still there

Moss from close-up...

...and from farther away

Probably a berry???

Look like strawflowers ...

The river Muonio carries a lot of water now...

...and there are lots of stones at its banks

Tragant flower

In winter, we had the same view along the river Muonio

The slogbod is still there...

...without fire and sausages

At the banks of the river Muonio

Tragant flower

And more berries...

This time we slept in our VW van, ...

... which acted as our "hut"

In Winter, this was our hut!

View over the area...

Near Muonio - reportedly, the best view in Finland

Hotel in Muonio, where we stayed in winter before and after our dog sled ride

At the banks of the river Muonio in Muonio

Here, the ice hut must have been in winter...

Muonio, close to the bridge leading to the island

Supper at Lars'

The last sun rays...

...for Astrid, ...


...and the Rajamaa main building

The meadows were full of flowers, ...

...and the mosquitoes swarmed around. But this repellant did not have any positive effect (for us)

Writing the diary before we drive to the Pallastunturi National Park in Finland

Following the river Muonio...

Reindeers at the park lodge

View to the top...

...and to other tops

On the high plateau

The top was full of stones...



View from the top...

... and to other tops...


A man from Finland took a photo of us

Astrid looks around...

You can see only woods and lakes (and stones)...

The reindeers still stayed at the lodge when we returned

They were not at all shy!

Overview of the National Park

Cotton grass


Road in the direction of Muonio

This evening we had fish and beer for supper

The main building in Rajamaa in the last sunrays. We left the following morning!


A last view before we were heading for home...


Laponia, June/July 2003 - Minolta Dimage 7i

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