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On this page, I provide some information about the backpack for the Vaonis Vespera telescope.





Photo: My Vaonis Vespera (end of July 2022)

Package 2 of the Vespera Adventurer Pack contained the Backpack for the Vespera, which is described in more detail below.


Unboxing the Backpack

Below, I present unboxing photos of the Vespera backpack.


Box opened, you can see the backpack


Backpack taken out of the box




Backpack rear side


Backpack opened; on top are the boxes for the hygrometer sensor and the light pollution filter


Ditto, somewhat differently arranged; there is also a black bag for whatever purpose...


Filled Backpack


Filled backpack opened




Accessory compartment opened


Vespera protection opened, accessory compartment still closed


Vespera protection opened, accessory compartment opened


Protection removed from the accessory compartment


Accessory compartment with charger, tripod legs, tripod head, and Rollei quick-release system


Ditto, closer view


Protection with bubble level in an extra compartment put on the tripod legs

  Charger cable   The filters are stored in the front compartment (without their outer boxes).


First Conclusions

The backpack is certainly a useful accessory for the Vespera. I received it with the Adventurer Pack, but it is now also available as a separate accessory for the Vespera. It is tailored to the Vespera, but with one solution or another, I wonder why that is. In any case, the backpack is well suited to transporting the Vespera, but also for "storage" at home. However, I would not want to go longer distances with it...




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