Sun Spots 2000

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The following photos of the sun were taken with a digicam Nikon Coolpix 990 and a Meade ETX 90/EC telescope (sun filter, 40mm eyepiece or section with 26mm eyepiece). I held the camera simply against the eyepiece of the telescope. This technique has been named "1:50 technique", because you have to take 50 photos in order to get one sharp photo...


Picture 1 - 06/12/2000

Never saw so many sun spots! The zodiac light, however, did not appear, even though it was announced in the news...


Picture 2 - 06/17/2000

Nearly a week later, fewer sun spots but larger ones could be observed.


Picture 3 - 07/02/2000

Two weeks later, still fewer sun spots could be observed.

Section taken with the 26mm eyepiece.

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