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Kings, nobles and other important people let themselves draw or paint by artists - some of them even had personal painters. People like you and me seldom get the opportunity of being drawn or painted. But sometimes you are lucky - as this page demonstrates. The first group of drawings was created during a tutorial on a conference (CHI conference on human-computer interaction in Pittsburgh, PA). There we were given the task of drawing our neighbor. Three other people obviously found my face interesting enough for a try...

Gerda Schneider created a drawing for my 53rd birthday based on a photo.

Drawings from the CHI 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA

Drawing 1 - Artist 1

Drawing 2 - Artist 1

Drawing 3 - Artist 1

Drawing 1 - artist 2

Drawing 2 - Artist 2

Drawing 1 - Artist 3


Drawing 2 - Artist 3

Drawing by Gerda Schneider 2001



Signed and "framed"


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