Messier 71 (M 71)

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On this page I collect my observations of the globular star cluster M 71 in the constallation Sagitta.



M 71 in the constellation Sagitta is, according to Stoyan, an unusually loose globular star cluster.

Size: 6' (Stoyan)
Distance: 13,000 light years (Stoyan)
Rating: *** (Stoyan).



M 71 in Sagitta is close to the constellation Scutum/Shield.



The sketch by Michael Vlasov ( provides a rough impression of what I wanted to observe: Sketch of M 71 by Michael Vlasov (Copyright © Michael Vlasov 2016)

Note: I only have the author's permission to link to the sketch.


My Own Observations

Observations September/October 2018


My Own Photos

Atik Infinity & Explorer 150PDS (December 31, 2017)


M 71 (Sagitta), unprocessed


Ditto, post-processed

  Ditto, post-processed and sharpened



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