Venus Crescent 2017

Heritage 100P | Skymax 102 | References

On February 13, 2017, I tried to take some photos of Venus crescent with my Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Heritage 100P and Skymax 102 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes. I was able to see the crescent as I had never seen it before, probably thanks to the cold winter, The interesting question was whether I would be able to take photos of the crescent as well. To make it short, I was able to take photos on which you can see the crescent.

I used my Leica X Vario (1:50 method) for the photos. Once more, it was very difficult for me to avoid vignetting. I used the following camera settings: manual mode, 1600 ASA, distance fixed to infinity.

I used a 16 mm and a 7 mm eyepiece - as far as I can remember... Also note that the Heritage 100P achieves only about one third of the magnification of the Skymax 102 (given the same focal length of the eyepiece).

P. S.: On February 14 and 18, 2017, I observed Venus with my 8" Dobson telescope GSD 680. The results were similar to that of the Skymax 102.


Heritage 100P

100% crops


Skymax 102

100% crops; the photo to the right was taken with a longer focal length of the camera




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