Seattle 2001

Downtown | Space Needle | Public Market Center and more

Photos from Seattle, Washington, the city where the CHI 2001 conference took place – click images for larger view.


Public Market Center (Pike Place Market) and Seafront

Entrance to Public Market

This photo costs a dollar...

Flower stand at the entrance

Fish stand at the entrance

Fish stand *

Fish and sea food in masses

Huge salmons for sale

Karsten Erxleben and his Sony

Me and my Nikon 990 *


... and fruit in plenty

A labyrinth of shops...

... and shops

Fruit stand outside

The seafront – the left skyscraper is the Washington Mutual Tower

The skyline from the seafront

The skyline from the seafront – to the left again the Washington Mutual Tower

Looking towards he harbor

The seafront street


*) Photos by Karsten Erxleben (Sony DSC-F505), all other Photos by Gerd Waloszek with Nikon Coolpix 990

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