Ricoh Around the Globe 2009

This page shows photos that I took in 2009 with a Ricoh R10 for the "Ricoh Around the Globe" project initiated and guided by Pavel Kudrys. I was participant number 8 in the project (the R10 came from the Netherlands and was supposed to go to Italy afterwards). Regrettably, I realized in the evening that the camera had a problem with the lens assembly and showed vignetting. So I sent it to Pirmasens for repair instead of to Italy... Each participant can only leave 5(!) photos on the camera's memory card – not easy for me with about 450 shots in one day ("luckily" many photos could not be used because of vignetting; post processing is not allowed). Here is a selection of 52 photos (the five selected photos have a lighter background) – click the images for larger versions.


Photos: Gerd Waloszek (Ricoh R10)

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