Photos of the Moon with ETX 2009

In October 2009, I pulled out my Meade ETX 90/EC telescope and tried to make some photos of the moon. My previous attempts date back 10 years. Then I used a cheap Bresser telescope and a Nikon 900 digicam. The interesting question was: Would the better equipment show in the results? To make it short: I don't think so...

The Ricoh GX200 is - contrary to dslrs - a digicam that I can hold at the eyepice, using the 1:50 method. However, it was very difficult for me to avoid vignetting. After some experimentation, I used the following camera settings (manual): 1/100 sec, largest possible f-stop, ISO 100.

For the telescope, I used a 26mm- and a 40mm eyepiece. Regrettably, I do no longer know for which photo I used which eyepiece...


25.10.2009 - Meade ETX 90 EC and Ricoh GX200


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