Fort Lauderdale 2003 - Around Fort Lauderdale

Conference Center | Around Fort Lauderdale

Photos of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the city where the CHI 2003 conference took place – click images for larger view.


Between Hotel and Convention Center

A lot of green around busy 17th Street

17th Street towards the bridge

Green "parrots" close to the hotel

Looking towards downtown from the hotel

Downtown enlarged

American patriotism in times of war

Look towards the bridge from the convention center

The bridge opens

A ship

On the bridge...

The marina close to the bridge

The marina


Canals at dawn


A Tour with the Water Taxi

The bridge opens again

There are lots of canals in Fort Lauderdale

The water taxi

Approaching downtown Fort Lauderdale

Downtwon Fort Lauderdale

One of many villas

Another one...

Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Another water taxi

Photos by Gerd Waloszek (Minolta Dimage 7i)

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