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On this page, I present my Ricoh GXR equipment (status: 2014 and earlier), except for the M-mount expansion unit that I cover only marginally here and that I present elsewhere.

It really looks as if the GXR were a "system camera"... I bought most of the equipment at the end of 2009 (body, A12-50, S10, HA-3 adapter for S10). Later, I bought a remote control, in June 2010 a P10 camera unit, and in November 2010 an A12-28 unit. The converters were kept from my GX200. Meanwhile, both the S10 and the P10 units have a LC-2 lens cap. Last but not least, I own two batteries.

In August 2011, I stumbled onto the M-mount path. I cover this elsewhere because this unit, which I purchased in October 2011, transforms the GXR nearly into a new camera. At the end of 2011, my GXR equipment experienced its first reduction: I sold the S10 camera unit including converters, lens hood, and lens cap. From now on, I can report on the S10 and converters only using past tense... In March 2012, I bought the new A16 24-85 camera unit.


Status until the End of 2011

Here is my equipment with all Ricoh camera units that I owned in December 2011 together with Ricoh accessories and without M-mount equipment (there was a further addition in March 2012, see below):

Photo: My complete equipment (status: December 31, 2011) without M-mount expansion unit (I present my "M-mount equipment " on an extra page): Body, P10, A12-28, EVF-2, A15-50 and remote control CA-1.

And That's How It Looked Before...

This was the status before the end of the year, however, without M-Mount expansion unit, when I sold the S10 camera unit including accessories:

Photo: The complete equipment in summer 2011 before I sold the S10 unit and accessories: I kept the two converters (wide and tele) for the S10 unit from my Ricoh GX200. The remainder is new (in exchange for a Ricoh GX200 and a Sony A700 with lenses, as well as other equipment). Remote control, P10, and A12-28 units were added later.

Note: The LC-2 lens caps have to be acquired separately!


Additions in August, October, and November 2011: The M-Mount Expansion Unit and its Aftermath...

My GXR equipment related to the M-mount expansion unit is shown on an extra page. Here an overview of the "Ricoh" part of my M-Mount equipment:


Photo: GXR body (top), A12 M-mount expansion unit (bottom left), viewfinder EVF-2 (bottom right) (October 2011)


Some "Technical" Additions

I do no longer remember when, but I also bought a set of three cheap close-up lenses, hoping that I would be able to extend magnification beyond 1:2 in the direction of 1:1. But close-up lenses can only deliver minor magnifications. So, a little disappointed, I did not really use the lenses after a few intial tests...

I also bought a 40.5 to 43 mm step-up ring, for attaching converters to the A12-50 camera unit. Recently, I discovered that this ring allows to attach close-up lenses that I bought for the Leica X Vario to the Ricoh GXR A12-50 camera unit. Some example photos can be found on page Close-up Lens Experiments (A12-50).



As there was too much competition within my module and lens collection, I sold my S10 camera unit including two converters (DW-6, TC-1) and further equipment (lens hood, lens cap) at the end of 2011. I had posted a respective message in the Ricohforum.


Addition in March 2012

In March 2012, I bought the newly released A16 24-85 camera unit:


Photo: Ricoh Lens A16 24-85 mm equiv. f/3.5-5.5


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