Ricoh GXR: My Equipment Related to the M-Mount Expansion Unit

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The following photos show the part of my Ricoh GXR equipment that is related to the M-mount expansion unit (status: June 2014). The base GXR equipment is covered elsewhere. For for an overview of the M-mount/M39 lenses and photos of them alone and at the camera see page My M-Mount Lenses.


My "M-Mount System" History in Brief

In August 2011, I purchased one Leica M-mount lens (a Voigtländer Super Wide Heliar 15 mm) and auctioned another one (a used Leitz Elmar-C 90 mm) in preparation of the GXR M-mount expansion unit, which I acquired in October 2011 (see the photos of my "start" equipment below)..

Photos: Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar 15mm f/4.5 (equiv. to 22.5 mm, left), Leitz Elmar-C 90mm f/4 (equiv. to 135 mm, center), and GXR M-mount expansion unit itself (right)

At the end of October, I added a third M-mount lens, a Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f/1.5, to my collection, and in November 2011, I "experimented" with two Voigtländer Skopar pancake lenses (21mm f/4.5 and 35mm f/2.8). I returned both because corner sharpness was insufficient in my opinion and purchased two equivalent Zeiss Biogon lenses, instead.

In July 2012 I auctioned another used Leitz tele lens, a Tele-Elmar 135mm f/4, and in April 2013 a Minolta M-Rokkor 28mm f/2.8 lens (both at fixed prices from dealers).

Finally, in June 2014, I bought a Voigtländer Color Heliar 75mm f/2.5 lens from Ireland via the l-camera-forum ads and a Voigtländer Snapshot-Skopar 25mm f/4 from eBay. Both deals included a Voigtländer LTM adapter, because these lenses have an M39 mount.


The Base System: GXR Body, M-Mount Expansion Unit, and Viewfinder


Photos: GXR body (top), A12 M-mount expansion unit (bottom left), viewfinder EVF-2 (bottom right) (October 2011)

I acquired the M-mount expansion unit in mid-October 2011.


The "Protector"

In June 2014, it was very hot, and the glue of the rubber coating of the GXR body started to melt. I therefore decided to buy a case that is similar to the protector for my Leica X Vario: the Soft Case B SC-75B, which was introduced with the M-mount expansion unit, but can be used with most GXR camera units, except for the A16 24-85.

There are some quirks with this case, particularly with its left side, but all in all, it seems to do its job. Other than the Leica X Vario protector, it is secured with a screw in the tripod mount, which makes the body instable if you put it on the table.

Here are some photos showing the half case on the GXR body:


Photos: GXR body with calf case, officially called Soft Case B SC-75B

Like the X Vario Protector, the half case has to be removed when you need to change the battery and/or the memory card.


Overview with Lenses (June 2014)

The following photos provide an overview of my M-mount-related equipment in June 2014. For an overview of the M-mount/M39 lenses and photos of them alone and at the camera see page My M-Mount Lenses.

Photo: Body with GXR M-mount expansion unit and electronic viewfinder, plus all nine M-mount lenses (including two M39 lenses)



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For more links related to the Ricoh GXR M-mount expansion unit, see page M-Mount Links.


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