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This page lists a few astronomy links. The focus is, of course, on my former and current telescopes.

Telescopes and Accessories

For links to pages about specific telescopes see the respective telescope pages.

Dobson Telescopes and More

Telescopes and Deep Sky (Reiner Vogel):

Equatorial platform (Reiner Vogel):

Sky-Watcher Synscan

SkyScan Alignment Stars and Finder Charts (Sky in Space, Australian Amateur Astronomy): (direct link:

SynScan alignment stars (Jim's Cosmos): (direct link:

Telescope Reviews

Telescope Reviews (

Deep Sky, Astrophotography

Deep Sky Sites

Telescopes and Deep Sky (Reiner Vogel):

Deep Sky Data Base (Stephan Brüning, (in German)

Telrad Templates for printing (??, in German):

J.R. Torres' Website on Deep Sky Astronomy:
Triatlas project (maps):

Deep-Sky Watch (Michael Vlasov):

The NGC/IC Project (Robert E. Erdmann):


Messier catalogues:

Messier Telrad maps (author unclear, Maps in English, pages in German):

Illustrated Messier objects list (Michael Vlasov):

Video Astronomy, EAA

Peters Astroblog, by Peter Oden, covers video astronomy: (in German)

Remote Video Astronomy (Website and blog by Jim Meadows):

Atik Infinity Camera

Atik Infinity product page:

Pages from German distributors for the Atik Infinity camera:


Sky Maps, Sky Data, Applications to Draw Sky Charts, And Similar Sites

Websites Jim's Cosmos (Interactive Star Charts, Catalogues, Planisphere, 18" Dobsonian and more):

Cartes du Ciel/Skychart (This program enables you to draw sky charts):

CDS – Centre de Donnees Astronomiques de Strasbourg:

Links and More...

Information for Astronomy Beginners (Christian Leu):, (in German)

Teleskope: Eine Einführung - mit Tipps zum Kauf (Dr. Wolfgang Strickling): (in German)

Photos, Links, Miscellany

Martin Wagner: (Frame-based Website, therefore, you need to search a little...) (in German)

Martin Wagner: (Photos of sky and earth - and more...) (in German)

Frank Brunswig: (Photos of constellations, galaxies, and nebulae; SAP colleague) (in German)

Siggi Kohlert: (Photos of deep sky objects) (in English and German)

Stock photography:

Astronomy Links:

Astronomy Resources:

Total Eclipse 1999

(All the links that I listed originally have disappeared in the meantime...)

Venus Transit 2004

German-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit (general):

Ditto, Venus transit 2004:

English-speaking Websites with information about the Venus transit:

Mercury Transit 2016

English-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German-speaking Websites with information about the Mercury transit 2016:

German-Speaking Astronomy Websites Commercial Website, sponsored by German dealers, but useful - also with marketplace for used equipment (the so-called "black" forum"...= Astronomy in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria German-speaking online service for astronomy, astrophysics, and space flight provides primarily diskussion boards (the so-called "blue" forum...) Astro Treff Deep Sky (ADTS)





ISS (Wikipedia):

ISS schedule:

Ditto (in German):

Martin Wagner - ISS photos: (without navigation frame, German)


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