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From time to time, people ask how the Leica X Vario fares size-wise and weight-wise with respect to some Ricoh camera models. While there are some photos on this site showing the camera sizes, I thought that I prepare some quick photos that help answer this question more easily. I also supply some size and weight data.

Note: This page includes the Ricoh GXR A16 24-85 and A12-50 camera units and the Ricoh GR.


Size Data

Camera Size*: W x H x D (cm) GXR Camera Unit Only Remarks
Leica X Vario 133 x 73 x 95 mm / 5.24 x 2.87 x 3.74 in   EVF not included
Ricoh GXR Body 113.9 mm x 70.2 mm x 28.9 mm   EVF not included
Ricoh GXR A12-50 113.9 mm × 70.2 mm × 77.1 mm 68.7 mm × 57.9 mm × 71.3 mm EVF not included
Ricoh GXR A16 24-85 113.9 mm × 74.7 mm × 98.5 mm 71.4 mm × 70.5 mm × 93.3 mm EVF not included
Ricoh GR 117 mm x 61 mm x 34.7 mm   OVF not included

*) Camera unit mounted on GXR body for Ricoh GXR units

All data taken from the manufacturers' specifications.


Size Comparisons

Ricoh GXR A12 50

Ricoh GXR A16 24-85

Note: The rear view of the GXR A16 24-85 is similar to that of the Ricoh GXR A12-50

Ricoh GR

Further Comparisons with Ricoh GR

Photo: GR (right, on) versus X Vario (off, left)

It's hard to understand - at least from this photo - why Leica calls the X Vario a "compact" camera...

Photo: GR (off, right) versus X Vario (off, with lens hood, left)

This photo even looks more extreme...


Weight Data

Camera Weight (according to the manufacturer)
Leica X Vario Ca. 650/680 g / 22.9/24 oz (without/with battery)
Ricoh GXR A12-50 Camera unit only: Approx. 263 g; when mounted on camera body: Approx. 423 g battery and SD memory card not included)
Ricoh GXR A16 24-85 Camera unit only: Approx. 350 g; when mounted on camera body: Approx. 550 g (battery and SD memory card included)
Ricoh GR 215/245 g (without everything/with battery and strap)

The Ricoh GXR body weighs 160 g (according to Ricoh)

When taken up with the hands, the X Vario and the two GXR versions do not make a big difference to me with respect to their weights. This changes, however, when they hang on my shoulder...


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