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On this page, I would like to present my current solution to my "strap" issues with the Ricoh GXR as well with the Leica X Vario and Ricoh GR: The Peak Design Leash and Cuff bundle consisting of a should strap, a wrist strap and anchors that allow easy switching of straps between cameras.



Overall, I was not too happy with the shoulder and wrist straps that were delivered with my cameras. The Ricoh GXR shoulder strap got loose and the camera fell to the ground several times. The X Vario's leather shoulder strap does not have this issue but is not very flexible. The Ricoh GR wrist strap, as all Ricoh wrist straps, does not have a lock that prevents the strap from sliding over your hand. All in all, the straps that are delivered with the camera are probably meant to drive you to buy a more expensive strap from the manufacturer (or from elsewhere...).

My Requirements

My main requirements for straps are:

I think that these are requirements make sense. But which straps can satisfy them?

A Solution...

More by accident, I encountered the Peak Design straps, and though there may be better solutions, they satisfy my requirements at a reasonable price (about 50 EUR). On the Peak Design Website, many more advantages and uses of the straps are highlighted, but for me most of them are irrelevant. For me it is important that these products satisfies my needs above, which they do to a large degree. Note that the straps are made of the same material that safety-belts are made of - so they should never break. Removing the strap ends from the anchors is, however, not as fast as I had hoped for. But it's, of course, much faster that removing and attaching the straps that the manufacturers supply...

I find it great that Peak Design offers a wrist and shoulder strap bundle at a discount. Luckily, this bundle includes 6 anchors (attachment devices) so that I was able to supply three cameras with two anchors each. This allows me to attach the shoulder strap to each camera, or to attach the wrist strap to either side of a camera (often you do not know what is better...). See the photos below for illustration.



Please click the photos for larger versions (they appear in a new window).

My three cameras with anchors attached


And here also with the two straps: the Cuff (left) and the Leash (right)


Ricoh GR with Cuff wrist strap attached to either side


Leica X Vario with Cuff wrist strap attached to either side


Ricoh GXR A12-50 with Cuff wrist strap attached to either side


Leica X Vario with Leash shoulder strap


Ricoh GXR A12-50 with Leash shoulder strap
My three cameras with anchors attached My three cameras with anchors attached - two with straps attached




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