Leica X Vario: Comparison Photos with Ricoh GR

Comparison Photos


On this page, I present some comparison photos that I took with the Ricoh GR and the Leica X Vario during my first weeks of owning the Ricoh GR.


Comparison Photos

Below, I present a couple of comparison photos for the Ricoh GXR and the Leica X Vario (set to a focal length of 28 mm equivalent). I took the first group on the last day of the year 2013. The second, smaller group was taken on January 15, 2014. I took the comparison shots for getting a first impression of how both cameras fare.

The most striking difference for me is how both cameras render colors, but this can, of course, be changed with some processing... Overall, I think the Leica X Vario renders colors more correctly and neutral. The Ricoh GR seems to have the "typical" Ricoh "magenta shift" and also underexposed a little bit (which I liked for some time...).

Note that sometimes, I had difficulties remembering the section that I took with one camera so that the section taken with the other one differed somewhat...

Click the photos to open the original photo in a new window. All photos are OOC JPEGs without any processing (apart from resizing the previews).

Ricoh GR

Leica X Vario

Second Walk: Ricoh GR

Second Walk: Leica X Vario


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