Leica X Vario: Close-Up Samples (With Close-up Lenses)

Sample Photos - Comparisons Using the Same Motif | Sample Photos - A Mixed Bag...


This page presents sample photos that demonstrate the close-up facilities of the "pure" Leica X Vario with one ro more any close-up lenses. Some of these photos might even be called "macros"... I focus on the diopters of the lens or lens combination, not on the specific lenses (close-up lenses or achromats).

From my experiments with close-up lenses, I calculated the following (about) maximum magnifications for achromats/close-up lenses and their combinations:

Note: More information about close-up photos with the "pure" Leica X Vario can be found on page Leica X Vario: Close-Up Experiments - No Lens. I deal with what can be achieved with close-up lenses (or achromats) on pages Leica X Vario: Close-Up Lens Experiments - Part 1, Leica X Vario: Close-Up Lens Experiments - Part 2, and Leica X Vario: Close-Up Lens Experiments - Part 3. Page Close-up Lens Experiments - Summary summarizes my close-up experiments with the Leica X Vario.


Sample Photos - Comparisons Using the Same Motif

The following photos were taken without any close-up lens, with the Marumi +5 and the Dörr +10 achromat, with both achromats, and finally with both achromats and a B+W +5 close-up lens, to demonstrate the kinds of macro photos that you can use them for on a Leica X Vario. The photos were taken with manual or autofocus (distance 30 cm, 70 mm focal length equiv., f/11, ISO 800). Note that these photos primarily serve to demonstrate the achievable magnification, not the sharpness. Using both achromats (and more...) together requires a tripod for acceptable results (high ISO values may help a little if you do not use a tripod...).

No close-up lens

Marumi +5 achromat

Dörr +10 achromat

Marumi +5 and Dörr +10 achromats (+15 diopters)


Sample Photos - A Mixed Bag...

B+W Close-up Lens +5

Marumi Achromat +5

Marumi Achromat +5 and B+W Close-up Lens +5 Stacked (+10 Diopters)

Dörr Achromat +10

Marumi Achromat +5 and Dörr Achromat +10 Stacked (+15 Diopters)


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