Messier 91 (M 91)

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On this page I collect my observations of the spiral galaxy M 91 (NGC 4548) in the constellation Coma Berenices.



The spiral galaxy M 91 in the constellation Coma Berenices is the faintest Messier galaxy in the Virgo cluster and the faintest Messier object ever (according to Stoyan). Considering this, my result with the eVscope is quite acceptable. In the eVscope, the bar can be recognized, the spiral not so much...

M 91 (NGC 4548)
Size: 5.4' × 4.3' (Wikipedia)
Distance: 60 million light years (Stoyan)
Rating: * (Stoyan)



The spiral galaxy M 91 in constellation Coma Berenices (at about the center) (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,

The spiral galaxy M 91 (to the left) in constellation Virgo (in the Virgo galaxy cluster) (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,


My Own Photos



M 91 - Mar 24, 2020


M 91 - Mar 24, 2020, processed


M 91 - May 30, 2021


M 91 - May 30, 2021, processed


Own Observations

Observations March 2020

Observations May 2021



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