Collinder 399 (Cr 399) - Coat Hanger

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On this page I collect my observations of the asterism Cr 399, called Coat Hanger, Al Sufi's Cluster, or Brocchi's Cluster, in the constellation Vulpecula/Little Fox.



The asterism Cr 399 is located in the constellation Vulpecula/Little Fox. Thanks to its shape, it is called Coat Hanger (see map below). As a target, it is better suited to binoculars than to telescopes (it can be seen as a whole with the Vespera).

Collinder 399
Size: 60' (Stoyan)
Distance: ---
Rating: *** (Stoyan)



Overview map with Cr 399, the Coat Hanger, in constellation Vulpecula/Little Fox (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,



Find: While I was not able to find the Coat Hanger Cr 399 in 2016, I succeeded in 2017 using two approaches:

  1. I found the Coat Hanger Cr 399 between the stars Altair and Vega; on half the way there is a somewhat lighter star slightly above the direct link, apparently, this is Albireo, below but still above the connecting line, there is a double star (Anser), and below it finally the Coat Hanger (see map below).
  2. You can find Cr 399 also using constellation Cygnus/Swan (stars Deneb, Sadr) and Albireo (see the overview map above).

Meanwhile, I usually search for the Coat Hanger using the second way.

Identify: Once you found the Coat Hanger Cr 399 in the ways as described above, it is also identified, because thereits look is unique (it may be upside down, depending on the type of your telescope, though...):

(Images Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,


My Own Photos

Vaonis Vespera

Cr 399, Aug 7, 2022 - original (17 frames = 170s)


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