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On this page I collect my observations of the comet C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS).



The comet C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) was discovered on October 2, 2017 with the 1.8-m Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Haleakala, Hawaii. It is expected to become brighter than 10th magnitude during the long period from December 2019 to August 2020 and will move in northern regions of the night sky. From December 2019 to June 2020 it was circumpolar for Central Europe. In late spring 2020, it reached 8th size class and thus, became a rewarding object for astrophotographers (according to WAA, translated).



Position of the comet C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS), when it was close to the Perseus Double Cluster NGC 884/869 in the beginning of February 2020. (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy, www.simulationcurriculum.com)


My Own Photos



C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Feb 6, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Feb 6, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Feb 6, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Feb 7, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Feb 15, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Mar 9, 2020, processed


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Apr 11, 2020


C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) - Apr 11, 2020, processed



My Own Observations

Observations January / February 2020



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