Ricoh GXR: Body

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On this page, I show photos of the Ricoh GXR body from diverse views and angles. Click the images for larger versions.




Photos: Front views of the body with EVF-2 attached and lying next to the body (for size comparison)


Photos: Front views of the body (flash opened in the bottom row)



The body of my GXR looks already somewhat shabby at the top after three years of use:


Photos: Top views of the body (flash opened on the right)



Photo: Bottom view of the body - see the big "hole" for the module on the left...




Photos: Rear views of the body (flash opened on the right)


Side (Connectors)


Photos: Side views of the body - connectors visible on the right


Other Views


Photos: Various views of the GXR body (flash opened on the three last ones)


Sliding in a Unit


Photos: Sliding the S10 camera unit into the body



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