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On these pages I do "moon walks" on the basis of my own photos. In other words, I try to name the objects on my lunar photos to get to know the moon better. Maybe these pages will help others to get to know the moon better as well...

On this page, I present photos of the moon between half moon and full moon, that is, photos taken during eight days, seven of them taken on consecutive days. These photos were taken with the Sony RX10 M3, not with a telescope.

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The following photos were taken with a Sony RX10 M3, partly freehand, partly on a tripod with manual exposure, and with a focal length of 600 mm (equivalent).

All the photos were cropped. Clicking a photo (left ro right) opens this in double size (1:1) in a new window or tab.


Jan 14, 2019 - Half Moon


Feb 13, 2019 - one day after Half Moon


Feb 14, 2019 - two days after Half Moon


Feb 15, 2019 - three days after Half Moon


Feb 16, 2019 - four days after Half Moon


Feb 17, 2019 - five days after Half Moon


Feb 18, 2019 - sex days after Half Moon


Feb 19, 2019 - Full Moon




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