Observations of the Sun, the Moon, and Planets 2024

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It was not until 2018 that I began to observe the moon a little more in detail and to document my "more important" observations. On this page, I collect, somewhat unsystematically, my observations of the moon, the sun, and the planets from 2024, which might be of interest to other beginners and are therefore described here.

Note: Older observations are listed on the "Astronomy" overview page. The same applies to deep sky observations ("incidental" DSO observations are mentioned here).


Observation Overview

Objects Observed Location Devices Used Eyepieces, Cameras, and More Used Remarks Further Remarks
Jan 18 Jupiter, Moon MH   Sony RX10 M4 Took photos of Jupiter and the Moon Half Moon
Mar 22 Mercury MH     Astrid found Mercury in the West low at the horizon after 7 p.m.?
Mar 25 Mercury MH SM-127 on AZ Pronto 32 mm, 16 mm Looked not quite round (was half) after 7:30 p.m.?
Mar 28 Mercury MH     Gerd found Mercury, lower this time... after 7:30 p.m.
Apr 10 12P/Pons-Brooks, Jupiter, Crescent of the Moon
(M 42/3, M 44, M 45)
MH SM-127 on AZ Pronto, TS, LT binoculars 32 mm

Gerd found the comet in his SM-127; not visible in our binos; Astrid found comet thereafter also in our binos.
Jupiter with two stripes and 4 moons; visually observed M 42/43 (also in the SM-127 -> Trapezium), M 45, and M 44 with the binoculars

after 8:30/9:15 p.m.; two days after New Moon
Apr 11 Jupiter, Crescent of the Moon MH C5 on AZ Pronto, TS, LT binoculars 24mm, 16 mm, f/6.3 reducer/corrector Comet not found; observed Jupiter (4 moons, 2 side-by-side) and Crescent of the Moon in the C5 after 8:30 p.m.; three days after New Moon
May 9 Sun MH Vespera Pro Solar filter Took photos of the Sun (sun spots) Compared my sun spots with a photo from the Internet (The Live Sky)

All observations done in Mühlhausen/Kraichgau (MH), except for where noted otherwise; SM/F = Sumène/France, Erk = Erkerode/Germany.


Special Events

January 18, 2024: Jupiter close to the Half Moon

Photo of the Half Moon with Jupiter; according to SkySafari they are a little more than 2° distant from each other (full size)

May 9, 2024: Sun with Sun Spots (Vespera Pro)


Sun covered by tree...


Sun with sun spots, section


Comparison photo from the Internet (The Sky Live)


Sun with sun spots, section, second series








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