Calendar for 2002

Here I present photos from a calendar for 2002 that I gave away as a gift to friends in three variations. The photos were taken in 2001 - they were taken in France (Velay), Luxemburg and Germany (Mühlhausen, Kellinghusen).

Flowers (F)

Flowers (F)

Miscellanea (F)

Rocks (Lux)

Landscape (F)

"Succulents" (F)

Autumn (F, Lux)

Sky (F, D)

Sky - Variant (F, D)

Wood (F)

Insects (F)

Kellinghusen (D)

Autumn (Lux)


The Moremberts (F)

Mushrooms (F, D)

Roses (D)


Animals (Lux)

Animals (F)

Traveller's joy (f)

Winter (D)

Fete d' Antan (F)

All photos taken with Minolta Dimage 7

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