Panasonic TZ202: Firmware Updates

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On this page, I collect information about Panasonic TZ202 firmware updates.


Overview of Firmware Updates

So far, the following firmware updates were published:

Version 1.2

Version 1.1



Well, version 1.1 reads somewhat disappointing, although it is more than 100 MB large (uncompressed)...

Version 1.2 also addresses just a minor, but quite useful thing: Now you can prevent that you set bracketing (with the cursor up/down keys) by accident when you just want to set exposure compensation. This happened quite often to my wife, and then she did not know what was going on and how to proceed...



On the following pages, you can find links to firmware updates for the Panasonic TZ202:

Currently, there are two firmware updates available for the TZ200/TZ202.


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