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This page and its companion pages discuss the macro, or better, close-up, abilities of the Sony RX100 M1. Although the camera has a macro mode (allowing shots from 5 cm), I would not call these photos "macros" and therefore use the term "close-up."

On this page, I present some experiments with close-up lenses at the MagFilter quick-change filter adapter. We use our 52 mm Marumi +5 and siocore +10 achromats (and maybe, the Dörr +10 achromat), which directly fit the adapter's filter thread.



Since the lenses of the Sony RX100 models do not have a filter thread, we cannot use our existing close-up lenses with this camera. At least, we would have to buy some sort of "lens adapter" like the one that Sony sells (VFA-49R1). I found, however, another filter adapter from Carry Speed, which seemed more interesting to me, because if fixes filters and lenses to the camera lens using magnetic force. We bought the 52 mm filter thread version, because this fits our close-up lenses.


Setting the Stage...

The Achromats


Photos: Marumi +5 achromat (left) and Dörr +10 achromat

Please note that the Dörr achromat is part of the Dörr slide copier and not available on its own.


Photos: siocore +10 achromat with caps (left), caps off (center), and at the camera (right)

Weights: Dörr +10 = 85 g, Siocore +10 = 74 g , Marumi +5 = 58/59 g (all for a filter thread of 52 mm)

What Was Already Known...

When I measured the minimum object width for different zoom lengths (see here), I found out that only two zoom lengths are interesting for close-up shots, namely 28 mm and 100 mm (both equiv.). The latter provides a larger minimum object width (about 20 cm), but also a large object distance of 55 cm. Adding hand-held close-up lenses to these tests (see here), I got the following results for the minimum object width for the Sony RX100 M1 and M4 (see here and here):

Sony RX100 M1
Sony RX100 M4
Focal Length
Close-up Lenses Setup
Focal Length
None M +5 2 x M +5 D +10 None M +5 2 x M +5 D +10
28 80 mm 67 mm 53 mm 55 mm 100 mm n.a. n.a. n.a. 24
100 200-205mm 62 mm 36 mm 37 mm 161-162 mm 68 mm 46? mm 46 mm 70

All this can be found here. For the newer siocore +10 achromat, see below.

That is, at the telephoto end you get a minimum objects width of about 20 cm without a close-up lens, with a Marumi +5 achromat it is a little more than 6 cm, and with a Dörr +10 achromat (or two Marumi achromats) it is less than 4 cm. That means that with any of these achromats you get a smaller minimum object width than with a focal length of 28 mm (equiv.) without a close-up lens. (A close-up lens would lead to very short distances at 28 mm (equiv.), which makes this set-up unusable.)

New Test Shots Using a Ruler

Here are a few test shots at 100 mm equiv. using a ruler:


One Marumi +5 achromat (6.0 cm)


siocore +10 achromat (3.7 cm)




For the siocore +10 achromat, I got results between 4.5 and 4.7 cm, so that we can assume that it leads to about the same magnification as the other two solutions.

Dörr +10 achromat (3.6 cm)


Dörr +10 achromat (3.7 cm)


The +10 close-up lenses lead to about the same magnification, whereas for the Marumi +5 achromat alone, the minimum object width is a little bit less than in the previous test. For the Dörr +10 achromat, I got results between 3.6 and 3.7 cm, whereas the siocore +10 achromat achieved 3.7 cm. All in all, the results are comparable to my "hand-held" tests.

So this is my updated minimum object width table for the Sony RX100 M1 and M4:

 Sony RX100 M1
Sony RX100 M4
Focal Length
Close-up Lenses Setup
Focal Length
None +5 +10 None +5 +10
28 80 mm 67 mm 55 mm 100 mm n.a. n.a. 24
100 200-205mm 60-62 mm 36-37 mm 161-162 mm 68-71 mm 45-47 mm 70

Measuring the distance to the object is somewhat difficult for me. Sony states a minimum distance of 55 cm for a focal length of 100 mm equiv., but this seems to mean that the distance is measured from the lens's control ring. I did not measure the minimum distance in this test.


Sample Photos

In the following, I simply show "real-world" test shots using different close-up lenses or combinations.

Real World Tests

Here, I set the minimum distance manually and tried to focus on the center of the flower.


No close-up-lens, 100 mm equiv.


Marumi +5 achromat, 100 mm equiv.


siocore +10 achromat, 100 mm equiv.


These photos are preliminary, because they are not really sharp due to the bad weather. On the other hand, only the differences in size are important here...

The photo at the bottom left shows that at 28 mm equiv. you get nearly the magnification that you get with a +5 close-up lens. The differences in perspective are evident here, however.


No close-up-lens, 28 mm equiv.


<< for comparison purposes

  Dörr +10 achromat, 100 mm equiv.




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