Leica X Vario and Leica M (Typ 240): Further Comparisons

Half-Case / Protector | Size and Weight | Battery and Charger | Concludings Remarks


On this page, I would like to present further comparisons between the Leica M (Typ 240) and the Leica X Vario.

A comparison of the technical data can be found here. Comparisons with respect to the consistencey regarding the handling on the cameras can be found here.


Half-Case / Protector

The Leica X Vario's half-case is from Leica and called "Protektor". It also has a small "grip" at the front. Otherwise, there is not much difference between the half-cases, except for the color...


Photos: Half-case for Leica M (Typ 240) body (Artisan & Artist, left) versus Protector for the Leica X Vario (Leica, right)

Both half-cases make the cameras easier to hold and prevent me from inadvertently pressing buttons on the camera back. And both have the same annoying feature: They have to be removed whenever you need to remove the SD card, charge the battery, or put the camera on a tripod...


Size and Weight

Camera Size*: W x H x D (no EVF) Weight (According to the Manufacturer)
Leica M (Typ 240) 138.6 mm x 80 mm x 42 mm Ca. 680 g (with battery)
Leica X Vario 133 x 73 x 95 mm / 5.24 x 2.87 x 3.74 in Ca. 650/680 g / 22.9/24 oz (without/with battery)

The Leica M's (Typ 240) dimensions are ca. 139 x 80 x 42 mm (W x H x D). The Leica X Vario is smaller than the Leica M body if you do not take the lens into account. Its dimensions are ca. 133 x 73 x 95 mm (W x H x D). Please note that these values do not include the electronic viewfinders.

The Leica M's (Typ 240) body weight is specified with ca. 680 g including the battery. However, for a Leica M (Typ 240) equipped with a battery, an SD card, the EVF 2, the half-case, a 50 mm Zeiss lens, and the shoulder strap (Peak Design Leash plus two anchors), our kitchen scale measures 1060 g for all of this. The Leica X Vario's weight is specified with ca. 650/680 g. However, for a Leica X Vario equipped with a battery, an SD card, the EVF 2, the protector, the lens hood without cap, and the shoulder strap, our kitchen scale measures 760 g for all of this with the Leica shoulder strap and 772 g with the Peak Design shoulder strap (including two anchors). Thus, the Leica M (Typ 240) is considerably heavier than the Leica X Vario.


Battery and Charger

Batteries and chargers are completely different for both cameras:






Figure: Charger, battery, and cables for the Leica M (Typ 240)


Figure: Charger and batteries for the Leica X Vario

The Leica M (Typ 240) is delivered with a car charging cable, which is helpful on vacations.


Concluding Remarks

This concludes my comparison list for the moment...


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