Leica X Vario: Depth of Field Tables (DOFMaster)

The following tables were calculated with DOFMaster using a circle of confusion (coc) of 0.02 mm. For the focal length of 18mm, I also calculated the values for a coc of 0.019 mm, because Leica lists this coc in the Exif data for photos taken with 18 mm (for all other focal lengths, Leica lists a coc of 0.02 mm). Please note that DOFMaster lists f-numbers outside of the X Vario's range and also distances that do not appear on the camera's focus ring. Nevertheless, these tables my be easier to read than mine, and they can also be used to validate my calculations.


Circle of Confusion: 0.019 (18mm only)


Circle of Confusion: 0.02