Melotte 20 (Mel 20) - Alpha Persei (Mirfak) Cluster

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On this page I collect my observations of the open star cluster Mel 20 (Alpha Persei/Mirfak Cluster) in the constellation Perseus.



The open star cluster Mel 20 around the star Mirfak (Alpha Persei) in the constellation Perseus is regarded as a "star association" rather than a cluster. It is, however, not an arbitrary star pattern, because most of the stars of the association move in the same direction. The star cluster is quite large (3 degrees according to Stoyan), visible to the naked eye, very nice in binoculars, and already too big for a telescope.

Size: 3 ° (Stoyan)
Distance: 550 light years
Ranking: ** (Stoyan)



The open star cluster Mel 20 is located around Mirfak (Alpha Persei, lowest red dot) in constellation Perseus (Image Courtesy of SkySafari Astronomy,


Own Observations

Observations September 2017

In September 2017, I observed the open star cluster Mel 20 using the Heritage 100P at different magnifications, and particularly with binoculars (Sumène, Haute Loire, France):

Observations October/November 2017

Observations January - Februar 2018

Observations September- November 2018

Observations February 2019 ff

Observations September to October 2019



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