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On this page, I collect information about accessories for the Ricoh GXR system. However, I present here only accessories that I own or owned.


General Accessories


Photo: Remote control CA-1



Photo: Electronic viewfinder VF-2



Photo: Electronic viewfinder VF-2



Photo: Electronic viewfinder VF-2


Photo: Lens cap LC-2 (S10, P10)   Photo: Battery DB-90

Remote Control CA-1

The remote CA-1 control is powered by a battery. There is an "on-off" switch at the back. However, I regularly forget to switch the remote control off, with the result that it does not work when it want to use it again. Once, I was even shortly before sending the remote control to repair because it did not work. Luckily, I found the switch and was able to solve the issue by replacing the battery...

Electronic Viewfinder VF-2

The electronic viewfinder VF-2 is indispensable for me, because I do not want to put glasses on, which I would have to do when using the LCD screen. I also prefer to look through a viewfinder instead of looking at the LCD screen. Last, but not least, I can hold the camera more stable when pressing it against my forehead.

The VF-2 has, like the LCD screen, a resolution of 960.00 pixels, which effectively is VGA resolution (640*480*3 pixels). Recently, Panasonic and others, as well as Sony introduced electronic viewfinders with higher resolutions (1.5 Megapixels = 800*600*3 (SVGA), and 2.36 Megapixels (XGA)). Ricoh users hoped to find the high resolution of the Sony viewfinder in a VF-3 or built into a new body, but that never happened...

Note: I bought my first VF-2 with the body and the first modules that were available at the end of 2009. Regrettably, it worked only until 2012, when it was replaced by Ricoh with a new one. Obviously, the VF-2 is not meant to be repaired. The second one worked correctly until 2015 or 2016. It can still be used, when I use it straightly, but it does no longer work reliably, when I tilt it. I will not buy a replacement (at eBay) because I do no longer use the GXR. Obviously, issues with broken VF-2s are common...

Lens Cap LC-2

The optional lens cap LC-2 is dedicated to the S10 and P10 camera units. It can remain on the camera unit while shooting and has to be bought separately.


Photos: LC-2 lens cap on P10 camera unit "off" (left) and "on" (right)


S10 Accessories


Photo: Tele converter TC-1 (1.88x)



Photo: Wide angle converter DW-6 (0.79x)


Photo: Lens hood HA-3   Photo: Lens cap LC-2 (S10, P10)

The wide angle converter DW-6 extends the wide end for the S10 module to 19mm equiv., and the tele converter TC-1 extends it to 135mm equiv. The lens hood HA-3 serves as a sun shade and is also needed for using the converters. The lens cap LC-2 can also be ued on the P10 camera unit (see above).

For the converters, see my "converters" corner, particularly page S10 Converters and Focal Range.

Note: I sold the converters and the lens hood at the end of 2011, together with my S10 camera unit.



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